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The Incredible Power of Art

Art has been intertwined with the human sense of awareness and story telling since the beginning of time. Cave drawings from prehistoric times, ancient sculptures, stained glass of the Middle Ages through to contemporary current day Art creations. Art in its many forms serves as a powerful medium for self-expression, helps us with our understanding of our surroundings, our vulnerabilities, our inner-need to be creative and our human limits. Often Art can provide important context of the part we play in our world and help us reach out and connect with others, positively influencing mood and wellbeing.

Here at GBR we have a fabulous opportunity to reach out and support our incredible British Art Community in its various disciplines and practices by providing a showcase opportunity for interested artists through a calendar of exhibitions and events located in South Oxfordshire.

Building on our recent involvement with Oxfordshire Art Weeks we are looking for artists in the following categories- painting, photography, textiles, sculpture and ceramics, we also would like to hear from artists specialising in woodworking, glass art, mosaics and stone carving.

Interested artists should drop us a line including a brief outline of their work and including a selection of accompanying images. We look forward

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