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New Retail HQ for GBR

Exciting times for Antique Dealers GBR!

Extensive work is currently underway to prepare retail premises in the historic market town of Faringdon, located in the Vale of the White Hourse, South West Oxfordshire.

GBR's Managing Director Peter White explained "in addition to its central location and growing population, Faringdon has a rich and colourful history including regular visits from Salvador Dali, Freddie Mercury, David Niven amd the Mitford Sisters. In earlier times Cistercian Monks made the town their home and played their part in shaping the agricultural landscape that surround the town. The town also celebrates the Wolverhampton band Slade who rocked the town during the late 60's , although its hard to imagine how they Managed to fit into the town's Corn Exchange building!"

"The GBR team are currently in the final stages of renovation of early Victorian premises which were originally built as a Drapers shop to support the practice of home production of clothing and soft furnishings. Later occupiers of the premises expanded into linen and woollen lines, silk mercer, hatter, hosier and agent for sewing machines. Later the building enjoyed links with the expanding railways, it became a Parcels Booking Office for the Great Western Railway. In more recent years the building was remodelled for use as a restaurant, sustaining the good people of Faringdon and surrounds with various culinary iterations. We are pleased to be helping the premises morph back into retail splendour , taking advantage of the wonderful original shop fittings which are listed and protected."

"This marks an exciting new chapter for the business and allows the business to bring together Art, Antique furniture, lighting and decorative interior pieces along with books and lifestyle pieces. The premises provide an interesting, well located, physical space for existing and new customers to view an ever changing lineup of antique and vintage pieces."

The shop is scheduled to open December 2023.

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