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Home Working 21st Century Revolution

According to U.K. Government statistics, in April 2020 46% of people in employment worked from home for at least part of the month.

For many this was already their regular place of work, for others this is likely to become their new regular workplace as employers become more trusting of employees and technology and work practices support home working.

Creating a dedicated personal workspace is probably one of the most important steps in the process of efficient and focused home working and provides a brilliant opportunity to side step many of the usual bland ‘me too’ office environment trappings.

Antique and vintage desks, chairs and lighting allow users to create unique personal spaces in the broadest spectrum of styles. This is not only a ‘green’ solution but also allows users to select from a wide selection of styles including the creative use of industrial/agricultural/aeronautical items as well as more conventional antique and vintage furniture and lighting.

Great British Revivals provide free advice and sourcing services to assist customers to find the perfect home working solutions including lighting, seating, desks and storage.

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