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Life in the saddle

A few decades before the explosion of today’s Lycra clad ‘Tour de France’ inspired road cyclists a new wave of cyclist was blazing trails off-road.

Taking advantage of new bike design geometry, frame making methods and modern lightweight frame materials and tyres the mountain bike scene blossomed.

It captured the imagination of millions around the world, a growing body of people who shared a desire to leave behind the dangers of road traffic conditions and the confines of road cycling behind, to enjoy the countryside and to be challenged by the ever changing terrain.

Adapted sports bikes quickly gave way to an array of dedicated design hard tail models, later followed by examples incorporating front suspension and ultimately evolving towards more exotic premium full suspension and specialist frame designs.

Each evolution of design from the leading makers offered wider enjoyment and improved performance creating many firm favourites amongst riders. Following the same trend as antique and vintage road bikes and classic cars, early and late vintage models are seeing a resurgence in interest as past riders rekindle their interest and reacquaint themselves with earlier bikes.

Great British Revivals are pleased to offer a selection of vintage premium brand models offered in ready to ride condition.

Check out the latest available stock at

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