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Keeping the Faith

Through a period of incredible political and industrial strife in the late 60’s and throughout the 1970’s, emerged an unlikely and incredibly potent, people’s music that energised and united youth by dance..... that underground music scene was Northern Soul. Based on a particular style of rare black American soul music, (typically limited circulation singles that failed to gain chart traction in the mid-1960s) with a heavy beat and fast tempo (100 bpm and above). Such is the rarity that some original singles exchange hands for more than £25,000 a copy. The power, soul and substance of the Northern Soul soundtrack and the emotions it rouses needed a safety valve. That outlet was the energetic dance style that complimented it. 

What was most noticeable was men would dance from the first to the last track of the evening if energy reserves allowed (particularly all-nighters). Peacocking like a competing gymnast men danced in their own space, lost in the moment and in perfect timing with the beat.

Such was the strength of connection and sense of release many of the original practitioners are still involved in the scene today, or at the very least make the most of radio moments to close their eyes, clap their hands in time and move to the music....

We offer for sale individually, 6 iconic 52cm x 52cm framed Northern Soul prints. Boxed framed under clear acetate and available by post. Keep-on keeping the faith...  

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