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Maritime hero

First glance of this wonderful furniture creation simply took our breath away. 

Respected commentators on design often quote that good design should be easy on the eye when viewed from any angle......this fabulous boat seat certainly meets that brief.

The bow is from a 12’ wooden clinker sailing boat called ‘Rosie’. 

She was built c.1955 at Leigh on Sea by Walker Boatbuilders, known as a Walker Tideway.  

Built primarily from mahogany planks and oak keel, Clinker construction involves the planking of the hull with adjacent planks slightly overlapping one another in a stepped format.  

This method has been used in Northern European countries for centuries and produces a hull with graceful, tapering curves to the planking which stand out to flatter and emphasize the shape of the boat. It is not an easy method of construction but is very pleasing to the eye when completed to a high standard. 

Such boats were used for fishing, carrying goods and recreation. Rosie is believed to have been used to teach young sea scouts to sail at some point in her life afloat.   

Sadly ‘Rosie’ fell beyond economical repair and has been thoughtfully repurposed into unique seating creations. Each selected boat section made into seating has been refurbished by Master Boat Builder Gerard Swift using only timbers from the original boat and professionally upholstered in the highest quality calf hide. 

Pleasing traditional aesthetics are matched with comfort making this a personal favourite recommendation for discerning buyers. 

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