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A Truly Grand Building

Very occasionally we get the opportunity to promote our business at events held in venues that echo the past decades and centuries of our eclectic stock. One such special venue is the Grade II listed Alexandra Palace London. Built in 1873 by the same builders who built the Albert Hall, the original building burnt down just 16 days after opening. Rebuilt and reopened 2 years later this truly grand Victorian brick structure sits atop a hill with commanding panoramic views of London. The cathedral scale complex with its mass brickwork, sweeping arches, gothic stained glass windows and lavish interiors covers some 7.5 acres. The development was modelled around the Great Hall with its clear span interior is still used today for a variety of events including exhibitions, classic and popular music concerts. Over the years the adjoining internal space was put to good use for various purposes including exhibition, ice rink, roller rink and theatre surrounded by parkland and a popular picturesque boating lake. In 1935 the BBC moved into the Eastern wing and went on to commence the first public Television Broadcasts. Ally Pally as it is affectionately known, continued to be the main transmitting Centre through to 1956. In July 1980 Trusteeship passed to Haringey Council, just six months later the Palace caught fire for the second time. The Great Hall, Banqueting Suite, and former roller rink together with the theatre dressing rooms were completely destroyed. Sadly only Palm Court and the area occupied by the BBC escaped damage. After rebuilding works and renovation Ally Pally was reopened in 1988 boasting more visitor facilities and attractions. Most recently, Alexandra Palace Theatre reopened in December 2018 for the first time in 80 years. Preserved in a beautiful state of arrested decay, London’s oldest new theatre is being discovered by a whole new generation. A must visit place for your bucket list, even better if you can combine with the date of an Antique Fair!

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