• Peter - GBR Expedition Leader

Where the love of old begins...

Throughout our lives certain people, places and things provoke a deep life long fondness.

We were reminded of this very recently whilst hunting for quality vintage stock in the Cotswolds.

Professional photographer Peter Martin who has a walk-in gallery in Stow on the Wold proudly shares with the world his love for his faithful Nikon camera.

No surprise then, that some people spend a lifetime searching for long lost friends, their first car, favourite toy or the watch they always admired but couldn’t afford back in their younger days.

We humans are capable of making powerful connections with the things that surround us. Certain items, people and places positively resonate throughout our lives. 

Antique and Vintage items are capable of being more than just things of old, they have a special place in our memories and the ability to become woven into the fabric of our lives.

We highly recommend visiting Peter Martin’s gallery or on-line presence here https://www.petermartingallery.com/index/ 

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