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Bring a positive twist to your life!

Barley Twist - Thought to be of Baroque, Spanish-Moorish origin arriving in England from Portugal with Katherine of Braganza in 1661 when she married Charles II. The Barley Twist leg was originally hand made and hand carved; but ingenious English craftsmen soon learned to create the intricate twist on a simple lathe. 

Over time this morphed into much more sophisticated variations of the Barley Twist being made such as double and open versions involving carefully hollowing out the centre. These sophisticated examples were adopted as embellishment for furniture and decorative items such as fine candlesticks. Popular In walnut during the Queen Anne period it wasn’t until the reign of Queen Victoria that the Barley Twist form was revived and more widely exploited in Oak by the finest craftsmen of the day. Single, double and triple strand twist were especially popular for decorative wooden candlesticks often combined with silver, brass or copper. GBR search for the finest examples to help buyers bring touches of timeless British craftsmanship to their homes. Current examples featured above. 

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