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Saturday Morning Cinema Clubs live on...

When we recently contributed a short post on Facebook recalling memories of childhood Saturdays at the kids flicks. We never anticipated the love and strength of positive memories that would be shared by so many followers. As of today’s date 145,000 people had taken the trouble to read the post, generating thousands of likes and more importantly receiving more than 400 positive comments and unique memories shared. The comments provide a wonderful and interesting insight into how fond kids were of the cinema clubs around the U.K. and how strong and vivid the memories are still to this day. Interestingly, from a marketing perspective the brands power still carry through to this day in people’s minds along with the club songs, the badges, the giveaways and the clubs Saturday show content. Above all the thing that stands out from the post is the sense of deep fun and genuine enjoyment kids gained from coming together in huge numbers and being thrilled and entertained as a united ‘adult free’ audience and the independence and confidence gained through the experience. A subject worthy of its own book maybe? Our deepest thanks to all who contributed.

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