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Prop-Source from GBR

Did you know that Great British Revivals source and supply Vintage props for the film and TV industry?

Have you ever thought about where all the vintage and antique items come from that are used in Film and TV Production?

Great British Revivals have successfully sourced and supplied a number of key pieces for major cinematic productions and popular TV programmes.

GBR's Managing Director Peter White shared an insight into behind the scenes of this exciting world "it starts with a detailed brief from either the Art Department, Prop Buyers or sometimes researchers, we then scour the U.K. visiting specialist Fairs, Auctions and Dealers and conducting detailed on-line research until we find the exact item required"

Often sworn to secrecy and unable to take credit for their extensive detective work doesn't bother the Management of GBR "total discretion is a key part of what we do, this is exactly the same when sourcing visual merchandising for commercial clients for retail or hospitality venues, clients spend considerable sums building their brands and launching new and refurbished businesses, their ability to control the launch marketing process without leaks is key"

So what are the limitations of this service? Peter's reply was given with a glint in his eye "there are no limitations, from a thimble to a full ocean going liner"

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