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Future Design Classic...Paul Smith

Anglepoise.....a name from the past doing very well and going strong in the present. In addition to relaunching the classic 1227 series the British company continues to grow its share of sales in the Designer Lighting segment. In one of its latest moves it teams up with Paul Smith for a second commercial aliance. Given the relatively high retail price such lamps are never going to be common place, for that reason they are likely to become future design classics and increase in value. With 1930's, 40's, 50's 1208, 1209 and 1227 models now fetching up to £450 this is an area worthy of interest.

“After the success of my first Anglepoise® lamp, I’m very happy to be working with them again on a fresh version. I hope everyone likes it!” - Paul Smith

Once again Paul Smith has collaborated with Anglepoise® to create the Type 75™ Desk Lamp – Paul Smith – Edition Two, testament to this designer’s remarkable deftness in instilling modernity and new life into a well-loved design classic. The lamps will be available from September, ready for the start of the festive season.

If Edition One, with its sunny combination of cornflower, fuchsia and lime is evocative of summer, then Edition Two is its alter ego, evoking the deep, rich hues of autumn. Combined with deep slate and cool grey, the striking mix of sumptuous, jewel-like colours is smart, restrained, sophisticated. Add a bold accent of orange - that element of surprise so intrinsic to Paul Smith style – and the colours take on a new intensity.

Seen in tandem, each Edition assumes a distinct and contrasting identity, helped, no doubt, by the anthropomorphic form of the lamps themselves: Edition One the more playful, perhaps more feminine of the two, Edition Two its stunning new counterpart.

Grab yours while you can from authorised Anglepoise outlets or direct from Anglepoise

GBR always have a selection of vintage anglepoise lamps in stock, something for all budgets, drop us a line at and we will send you a stock list and images of available vintage models.

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