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Original Mid1960’s early edition Midland Blue Pullman train set by Triang Hornby.

Good original condition, stored in its original box from new ( box has tape repairs to corners, good strong colours throughout).

Contents - RS.52 Blue Pullman Train Set. Consists of : R.555 Diesel Motor Car, R.426 Pullman Parlour Car, R.556 Pullman Motor Car – non-powered, 4 × R.481 Straights, 8 × R.483 Double Curves, R.487Power Connecting Clip, Track forms an oval layout 46" × 32" (117 × 81 cms.). Requires a separate transformer.

1965 Tri-ang Magazine description as follows -

The Midland Pullman

The name Pullman has for many years been associated with luxury, comfort and efficiency and this elegant train, in its blue livery trimmed with white, sets an even higher standard.

These trains have been developed by Metropolitan-Cammell, the British Transport Commission, the Pullman Car Company and the London Midland Region of British Rail.

Airline type seats together with double-glazed windows produce a wonderfully snug and pleasing effect. Between the sheets of glass are small adjustable venetian blinds. These are controlled by the passengers by means of small winders. Press buttons are also fitted below each window to enable passengers to call the attendant.

A loudspeaker system is also installed which is wired to a control centre from where the Conductor announces information to the passengers.

The atmosphere inside the train is always clean, comfortable and completely draughtless: The heat insulation of each car is so designed as to eliminate external noise.

Refrigeration and heating are thermostatically controlled and power for this facility is provided by auxiliary generating sets mounted under each car. Length of Motor Car - 66 feet 5½ ins. Maxumum speed - 90 miles per hour.

April 1965

£110.00 including delivery to U.K. zone 1 addresses.

For overseas postage and delivery to addresses outside U.K. zone 1 please enquire prior to placing your order.

Triang Hornby Blue Pullman Train set RS 52 - 1964

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