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Vintage Mother & Child Sosaku Kokeshi doll standing 11.5cm tall, maximum body diameter 6cm.

Cleverly carved subject representing a mother in traditional Japanese kimono with sleeping child in Onbuhimo carrier.

Genuine Mid 20th Century vintage doll made by hand in the north of Japan.

Artists stamp present.

A lovely simple form and poignant subject.

Following WWll Japanese artisans seized new manufacturing techniques to experiment beyond the traditional Kokeshi designs, and in doing so developed their own unique designs along more contemporary lines. The resulting ‘Creative’ Sosaku Kokeshi designs offer a wonderful alternative for folk art collectors across the world.

£42.00 plus £4.00 postage = £46.00 delivered to U.K. zone 1 addresses.

For postage costs to addresses outside U.K. zone 1 and overseas postage please enquire prior to placing your order thank you.

Unless otherwise stated Kokeshi dolls are sold individually, we sometimes feature more than one doll and other props in our photographs, these are not included in the sale.

Small vintage mother and child Kokeshi

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