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The first phonograph cylinders were manufactured in 1888, followed by Edison's foundation of the Edison Phonograph Company in the same year. The recorded wax cylinders were manufactured by Edison's National Phonograph Company from 1896. 

Until 1910 the recordings did not carry the names of the artists. The company began to lag behind its rivals in the 1920s, both technically and in the popularity of its artists, and halted production of recordings in 1929.

This is a genuine cardboard case which has been repurposed as a novel desk lamp including vintage style on off control on the lamp holder. 

Approx 7” tall, 2.5” diameter.

Lamp comes supplied with valve style Edison filament bulb illustrated in the photograph.

This offer is just for one single lamp, others shown for demonstration only.

£75.00 delivered to UK zone 1 address

Genuine Thomas Edison Record Case Lamp - Green

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