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Framed original vintage movie poster.

1966 release of the thought provoking and controversial black and white movie It Happened Here, the story of the German Occupation of England. Starring  Pauline Murray, Sebastian Shaw, Bart Allison.

Black and white stills design artwork incorporating German font and Nazi motif.

U.K. quad format, black wooden frame including shatterproof styrene glazing and hardboard back, small indentations to top edge of frame (hard to see).

Overall size - 106cm x 81cm

Condition - good quality print throughout, no damage or wear to folds

1964 British black-and-white film written, produced and directed by Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo, who began work on the film as teenagers in 1956. The film's largely amateur production took some eight years, using volunteer actors with some support from professional filmmakers as a total budget of just £20,000.

It Happened Here shows an alternative history in which the United Kingdom has been invaded and occupied by Nazi Germany during World War II following the retreat from Dunkirk. The plot follows the experiences of an Irish nurse working in England, who encounters people who believe collaboration with the invaders is for the best, while others are involved in the resistance movement against the occupiers and their local collaborators. Set in 1944–1945, England appears is governed by the British Union of Fascists. 


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Framed original vintage film poster - It Happened Here - 1966

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