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Charming Antique hand coloured engraved print, framed under glass.

Henry Thomas Alken - Sporting artist, engraver and illustrator.

Born in London in 1784 into a family which became celebrated for its sporting artists and engravers. He is said to have worked as a trainer for the Duke of Beaufort, before studying under T. Barker Beaumont, the miniaturist, and he exhibited miniatures at the RA in 1801-02.

He moved to Melton Mowbray in 1810 to train horses and eke out a livelihood in decorating trays with hunting scenes. His success really began when he issued prints under the name of "Ben Tally Ho" in 1813 and was at his most prolific in the 1820s and 1830s. His work was less interesting after that date and he died in poverty on April 8, 1851. His son H.G. Alken copied his father's work extensively.

Alken illustrations and separate prints are lively and very colourful and are closer to the 18th century caricature than to the 18th century sporting print. 

Symptoms of Being Amused: 41
Artist: Alken, Henry Thomas
Engraver: Alken, Henry Thomas
Publisher: Thomas McLean, Haymarket, London
Date: 1822

Colours still bright, age related discolouration of paper, slight fade to mount board.

Size 40cm wide x 34cm tall

£46.00 + £10.00 postage = £56.00 inc postage to U.K. zone 1 addresses.

For postage costs to addresses outside U.K. zone 1 and overseas postage please enquire prior to placing your order thank you.

Framed Antique engraved print by Henry Thomas Alken - Symptoms 41

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