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1960, a time when Dan Dare and a fascination with Space filled every boys mind.

We offer for sale 25 vintage Eagle comics published in 1960 (and Jan 1961). 

Colours are still as good as the day they were printed, paper edges to some comics have become brittle with age but generally the comics are in good used condition.

The advertising and informative articles of the day are very nostalgic and the regular comic content makes for a great read and powerful trip down memory lane.

Some on-line comic sellers are selling individual copies of 1960 Eagle for between £19.99 and £45.00 each.

We offer the collection of 25 comics for £129.00 including postage to U.K. zone 1 addresses.

For postage costs to addresses outside of U.K. zone 1 and overseas postage please enquire.

25 copies of 1960 Eagle Boys Comic

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