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Late 20thCJapanese Daruma doll.

Carved wood version with traditional hand painted Daruma design.

An interesting decorative piece of folk art which makes a great paperweight.

Approx 6.5cm diameter x 11cm tall.


Modelled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen tradition of Buddhism. Bodhidharma was a Buddhist monk known in Japan as Daruma, believed to have originated boxing as the first Martial Art.

The current popular symbolism associated with Daruma as a good luck charm in part originated with the Daruma-dera - Temple of Daruma in the city of Takasaki north of Tokyo. The parishioners would keep these charms to "bring happiness and prosperity and ward off accidents and misfortune".

It is believed that the Daruma figurine then originated from this region when the ninth priest, Togaku, found a solution to handle the constant requests of the parishioners for new charms. The charms were always given with an effectiveness of one year, so the people required new ones every year. He solved this by entrusting them with the making of their own Daruma charms near the beginning of the Meiwa period (1764–72). The temple made wooden block molds for the people to use. The peasants then used these molds to make three-dimensional papier-mâché charms, similar to the versions commonly seen today.

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20thC Daruma Doll - 11cm tall

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