Genuine vintage set of Bristol style alley skittles, including 10 skittles, 3 wooden balls and a heavy duty vintage wooden storage crate.

This complete set weights almost 30 kg!

Recently salvaged from a social club ahead of demolition and redevelopment, these skittles have immense used character and would have once been the focal point of the club activity.

Historical records of 9 pin skittles date back to before the Middle Ages, various skittles designs exist with regional preferences. Rules also vary slightly in different parts of the country.

Once widely popular in Inns, pubs and clubs; pressure to turn over floor space to higher revenue earning activity such as dining and  lead to a decline in alleys through the second half of the 20th Century.

Described as an honest game for all, skittles is incredibly fun and inclusive.

Equally at home on a fully working alley or displayed in the peace and quiet of your personal space.

Wooden case - 56cm x 42cm x 34cm

Skittles - 25cm tall x 13cm diameter 


Delivery can be arranged at separate cost. Checkout will mention delivery, this is not included within the price stated.

Vintage pub skittles set, Bristol Skittle Pins Balls and substantial wooden case


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