Vintage Japanese folk art in the form of bamboo miniature band Awa-Odori-Dancers in glass display case.

The words of the traditional Awa Yoshikono drinking song associated with Awa Odori is written in Japanese script on the back drop. 

Awa Odori is a 16th century festival dedicated to people having a good time.  The festival takes place each year in Tokushima Prefecture Japan where thousands throng the streets to drink, sing and dance. 

The celebration is said to have originated  in the late 1580s as a street party held to celebrate the new castle built for the lord of the Awa domain.

These tiny musicians and dancers are very clever creations, they are so evocative that it’s easy to spend some hours getting lost in another time looking at the art through the various glass panels.

Size - 28cm long, 10cm deep, 17cm tall

£115.00 including postage to U.K. zone 1 addresses.

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Vintage Japanese Bamboo Miniature Band Awa Odori Dancers in Display Case