Japanese folk doll, inu hariko, from the Taisho period, c. 1912-1926.  

Similar to the more widely available papier-mache versions this folk toy is understood to be crafted of shoufu-nori paste and kiri wood sawdust and covered with gofun (crushed oyster shell).  

Hand made costume and hand painted body decoration in bright flamboyant colours. Presented in the classic pose with all its charm accessories. 

Traditionally presented to noble mothers in maternity rooms it was intended to offer protection for mothers during childbirth and protection for new born children.  

Basket and drum charms for health of the infant and happiness (basket to wash down illness and evilness, drum for baby-sitting) combined charm to create strong family bond and family happiness.

Comes with glass display case and plinth to which the doll is fixed.

Dog and accessories are in very good condition throughout, they have been protected from direct sunlight. The glass case frame and plinth requires waxing if you prefer a polished appearance and glass requires polishing compound to clean age related residues.

310mm tall
300mm wife
190mm deep

A rare opportunity to acquire a genuine Vintage Japanese folk doll.

£265.00 including postage to U.K. zone 1 address.

Vintage 1920’s Inu Hariko Doll


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