The best of genuine high quality Mid Century Design can be elusive to find. To find items in near perfect original condition is even rarer.

We are pleased to offer this genuine Magna Spot Designer Desk Lamp for sale.

Manufactured by the Modern Lighting Company Great Britain this stunning lamp in deep mirror finish chrome has a couple of rather unique party tricks. The eyeball is held in place by magnetism, allowing you to reposition its angle and rotation or leave permanently in one fixed place. Secondly, the eye can be lifted off the fluted base and placed down on the desk separately (albeit attached by its power lead like an umbilical chord).

Sold with a chrome cap bulb as intended by its designer the light emitted from the lamp looks as if it's the result of an explosion from two planets colliding.

As you might be able to tell, we are very fond of this cracking Mid Century desk lamp. A brilliant example of quality Mid Century design in excellent condition to take pride of place.

£220.00 including postage to U.K. Zone 1 address.

Mid Century Magna Spot Desk Lamp


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