Vintage late 20thC TLR camera from the USSR - LOMO Lubitel 166 B.

The Soviet Union stood victorious in the aftermath of World War II and laid claim to Eastern Germany and the knowledge and tools of the world-famous German optical & photographic industry. Whole factories were dismantled and shipped East – destined to supply the Soviets with world-class means of documenting their daily lives and great loves.

In 1949, the original Lubitel (literally meaning “Amateur”) was introduced — it was an enhanced and improved concept of the “Young Communist” cam. With its better features and quality, the Lubitel sales shot to over a million units sold worldwide and was followed by the equally successful Lubitel-2, raking in two million units since its launch in 1955.

When the Lubitel-2 was discontinued in 1980, the Lubitel 166B stole the spotlight. Preserving the best features of its predecessor – the 75mm “Triplet 22” lens (known for its very sharp and high-contrast images), and the “ZT-8” shutter with a 1/250 speed, the 166B was crafted in a thermoplastic body, making it a lightweight and convenient TLR to carry. Manual aperture and shutter controls provided flexibility in composing images, while the ground glass top-down viewer ensured perfect focusing. For extra resolution detail, a flip-down magnifying glass is available. This version was manufactured from 1980 until 1989.

Many photographers cut their teeth on this twin lens reflex model and many have retained their personal example to use for creative assignments. (A twin-lens reflex camera (TLR) is a type of camera with two objective lenses of the same focal length. One of the lenses is the photographic objective or "taking lens" (the lens that takes the picture), while the other is used for the viewfinder system, which is usually viewed from above at waist level).

A clean example sold untested including original box and case. 

8cm wide
10cm deep
12cm tall closed
17cm tall open

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LOMO Lubitel 166 B Twin Lens Reflex Camera - 1980