Sadly, despite the scale and significance of its contribution to the UK’s safety throughout the Cold War and its operational contribution to Europe’s safety through NATO, with just one notable exception, at the end of its service life Vulcan Bombers were either dismantled for scrap or airframes were burned for fire practice.

We are pleased to offer this feature lamp incorporating a marker light lens once employed on an operational AVRO Vulcan Bomber. The lens has been fixed within a removable stainless steel dome giving it a Roswell ‘UFO’ appearance.

This unique lamp includes a colour changing LED bulb at its heart.

This lamp is designed to fill dark corners of the room/wash the ceiling with different colours controlled by a small remote control. 

A small piece of the past that ensured we all had a future.

£174.00 including postage to U.K. zone 1 addresses.

For postage costs to addresses outside U.K. zone 1 and overseas postage please enquire prior to placing your order thank you.

AVRO Vulcan Bomber - Roswell - feature lamp


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