Army Temperance Association Medal, 1893 with chain mount.

Temperance grew in popularity in the early 1800s gaining influence as a movement to limit drinking. At the time alcohol was relatively cheap and widely available and in some cases still preferred to drinking unsafe water. 

The movement combined a concern for general social ills with religious sentiment and practical health considerations in a way that was appealing to many middle-class reformers.

Within Army ranks drinking alcohol was a particular concern. Long periods of inactivity combined with time away from home and plentiful supply of local brew could lead to issues of discipline and reduced effectiveness.

We offer for sale a silver medal dating back to 1893 including the addition of a necklace mount.

Offered in used condition and unknown silver content.

34mm diameter

£26.00 including postage to U.K. zone 1 addresses.

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Army Temperance Association Medal - 1893.