This incredibly decorative antique strip ledger dates back to the early part of the 20thC, capturing handwritten entries for a merchant/business including personal hanko seal stamps to sign off the hundreds of entries.

The entries would have been made in a charcoal based ink applied by brush, later by pen and ink.

Essential in the running of any business Taisho period ledgers comprise of a unique shifu binding (cloth woven with paper thread) and washi-paper leaves. The ledger would have been hung up by its rope loop and later archived in a special tansu chest.

The range of ledgers used during this period included Uri cho - sold records, Hantori cho - receipt book, Chumon cho - order books, Daifuku cho - selling and buying summary, Kai cho - purchase records, Nimotsu Watshi - shop customer records. This listing is for just one ledger as photographed.

This type of ledger is truly fascinating to look through, close study of the individual entries and you will notice mistakes and hurried entries alongside artistic flowing entries, repeat entries and the various colourful seal stamps.

The perfect gift for an accountant/business owner/social history collector/calligraphy collector or used in decorative display, promotional photography or film production.

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