Pan Books - softcover - 1974 2nd edition - full colour large format - 200+pages.

Surreal artworks of all the major rock stars up to 1973 when this book was originally published. Includes Hendrix, Dylan, Elvis, Tina Turner, Bowie, the Stones, Beatles and hundreds more. Artists are depicted in their own timely settings - eg the Drifters under the boardwalk, Otis Redding on the dock of the bay, the Beach Boys on the beach.

A fascinating 1970’s publication that captures the mood of the changing times, the transition of 50’s/60’s into 70’s music and social attitudes.

A recommended purchase for anyone with an interest in modern music history.

Includes complimentary copy of NME Rock n Roll Decades -70’s.

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1974 - Rock Dreams - Under the Boardwalk - Guy Peelaert Nik Cohn