A rather splendid late 1930’s capture of Nearco. Known as "The Italian Stallion," Nearco has to be considered one of the top stallions of all time, he really was a very special horse.

Nearco was an Italian-bred Thoroughbred racehorse described by Thoroughbred Heritage as "one of the greatest racehorses of the Twentieth Century" and "one of the most important sires of the century."

Born January 24, 1935 – passed June 27, 1957

Italian Federico Tesio was one of the greatest Thoroughbred breeders in history and he was also an exceptional trainer. One of his greatest achievements in horse breeding was the undefeated champion, Nearco.

Nearco stood at 16 hands and was described as a difficult horse to handle with a very bad temper. Handlers, riders and course staff didn’t care to be around him. He didn't like being groomed or touched, hated vehicles, crowds and just about everything else associated with people.

However, on the course Nearco excelled, he raced 14 times and won all his races with ease at distances ranging from 5 furlongs to 1-7/8 miles.

As Italian life was forced to change due to the influence of the Nazi’s Tesio sold Nearco to Martin Benson, who owned Beech House Stud in Newmarket, England.

The horse was so valuable that Benson had a specially constructed bomb shelter built for Nearco on the grounds at Beech House when World War II broke out.

During his first year of stud duty, Nearco went through 10 different grooms, not until the arrival of veteran stud groom Ernie Lee did Nearco start to trust anyone, forming a strong bond and becoming happily compliant and docile in his company. Lee worked with Nearco right up to the horses passing in 1957, when he was humanely euthanised after suffering with cancer. Lee was present to help Nearco stand for one last walk of the paddock, Lee chose to never work with another horse following his time with Nearco.

Nearco’s blood line can be traced through countless race winners and extend throughout the equine sporting world including polo, show jumping, etc.

Oak framed under glass this photograph was taken by the highly regarded equine photographer Frank Griggs, Newmarket.

Titled and signed by photographer, a true piece of horse racing and horse breeding history.

47cm x 39cm.

£175.00 including postage to U.K. zone 1 addresses.

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1940s framed photograph of thoroughbred ‘Nearco’ - Godfather of Thoroughbreds


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