1922 paperback edition of Volume 8 of the Survey of London, Covering the parish of St Leonard, Shoreditch by London County Council. 

This substantial publication includes hundreds of illustrations, scale drawings and photographs of the architectural gems within the bounds of the parish.  

Still to be found in the pocket at the rear is the parish map with denoted structures.

This rare publication is almost 100 years old and an absolute mine of architectural reference for anyone interested in architectural history, design or the development and social history of London. 

The publication describes the make up and contents/function of selected properties on numerous streets (fascinating pick up-put down read).

The Survey of London was undertaken as a research project with the intention to produce a comprehensive architectural survey of central London and its suburbs, districts formerly administered by the London County Council. 

Founded in 1894 by Charles Robert Ashbee, an Arts-and-Crafts designer, architect and social reformer. The survey was motivated by a desire to record and preserve London's ancient monuments. The first volume was published in 1900 and took some decades to complete.

1922 edition of Volume 8, Survey of London, St Leonard, Shorditch.


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