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A sprinkling of magic!

The most successful Retail and Hospitality Interiors cleverly employ varying degrees of visual theatre. 

Good design physically and emotionally reaches out and embraces customers, and if done well, the interior environment communicates the brand and talks to customers directly.

Lighting, colour, texture and all important finishing decorative details each play their part in this magical process.

The great news is, in order to deliver tangible and far reaching positive impact in your business, successful design doesn’t have to cost a budget breaking fortune.

The GBR Team are here to help you achieve stunning and memorable interiors at affordable prices.

We can assist with feature lighting, vintage themed decorative detailing and finishes, along with genuine antique and vintage visual props, fittings and artworks to help create a truly unique interior space.

If you would like to explore the creative possibilities on a forthcoming project or collaborate on a current scheme we would be delighted to hear from you. 

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