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Love 'Mr Selfridge'....why not hold a lavish 1920's themed party?

Did you know you could hire the actual props used on the long running TV series?

Stockyard based in London can provide genuine props used in the hit show.

Stockyard say "We are delighted to now be able to offer props from the acclaimed Mr Selfridge TV series. These are actual props from the sets and includes many shop display items and counters, seating and the gorgeous art deco family fireplace"

- See more at: http://www.prophire-backdrophire.com/mr-selfridge-props-now-in/#sthash.X9p9qikA.dpuf

Did you know that a number of forward thinkig Vintage Antique dealers will rent items of stock for films, commercial production, photo shoots and special occaisions? If you are interested in finding out more contact GBR on info@greatbritishrevivals.co.uk and we can link arms with a number of dealers to meet your needs.

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