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Through a period of incredible political and industrial strife in the late 60’s and throughout the 1970’s, emerged an unlikely and incredibly potent, people’s music that energised and united youth by dance..... that underground music scene was Northern Soul.

Based on a par...


Childhood memories are vivid of Dick Van Dyke (Caractacus Potts), Sally Ann Howes (Truly Scrumptious), Lionel Jeffries (grandad), Robert Helpmann (childcatcher) and Gert Frobe (The Baron) trying their best to upstage a flying car.

But did you know the story is based on a ge...


First glance of this wonderful furniture creation simply took our breath away. 

Respected commentators on design often quote that good design should be easy on the eye when viewed from any angle......this fabulous boat seat certainly meets that brief.


The bow is from a 12’...


Very occasionally we get the opportunity to promote our business at events held in venues that echo the past decades and centuries of our eclectic stock.

One such special venue is the Grade II listed Alexandra Palace London.

Built in 1873 by the same builders who built the A...


Contrary to public opinion, satire and irreverent satirical humour wasn’t invented in the 1980’s. We have the creator and contributors of Punch Magazine to thank for that in’s breed of inept, greedy and corrupt career politicians of all colours and persuas...


“The War to end all Wars”....that famous quote by H.G.Wells reflected an idealists view, based on the unprecedented scale of human loss and destruction. Out of the incredible devastation a momentary ray of optimism shone, Wells assumed that mankind would never again turn t...



We have much to thank our inventive and industrious Victorian relatives for. One thing in particular is the advancement in glass design and manufacture.

The Great Exhibition of 1851 was the culmination of a period of intense activity in the British glasshouses. The excise...


We couldn’t let the RAF100 centenary year pass without paying tribute to the thousands of distinguished Airmen and Women who have successfully protected our country through conflict and peacetime for the last 100 years.

During July our Hemswell showroom displays focus on th...


Throughout our lives certain people, places and things provoke a deep life long fondness.

We were reminded of this very recently whilst hunting for quality vintage stock in the Cotswolds.

Professional photographer Peter Martin who has a walk-in gallery in Stow on the Wold pr...


Barley Twist - Thought to be of Baroque, Spanish-Moorish origin arriving in England from Portugal with Katherine of Braganza in 1661 when she married Charles II.

The Barley Twist leg was originally hand made and hand carved; but ingenious English craftsmen soon learned to c...

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